Booking IFBB Pro. Nordic - 10.-12. oktober 2020

This is our onsite spray tan service:
 - Base coat spray tan, the day before showday
 - Top coat spray tan, on showday
 - Touch up and shine backstage, on showday
This is how to do the booking: 
Log in to the calender, down below. You can change language.
Book one appointment for Base Coat. Please book this appointment after 3 pm / kl 15, the day before showday.
And book one appointment for Top Coat on showday. This appointment should be about 90 min before your stage time. The spray tan takes about 15 min. You will be dry after 10-15 min.
Adress: Backstage. Price: dkr 1.100,- (150 eur) Booking and payment in the calender: You will be asked to pay in advance by creditcard og Paypal, when booking the top coat for showday.